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Are there really Christmas Tree bugs? mistletoe and holly

There’s nothing like the smell of evergreen needles to get you in the holiday spirit. But when you bring a live or cut Christmas tree indoors, some of the insects that call your Christmas tree home might be joining you for the holiday season. Here’s what you need to know about Christmas tree insects. You really don’t need to worry about bringing any dangerous or destructive pests inside with your Christmas tree. The hitchhiking insects make their homes in coniferous forests. Your home isn’t an appropriate habitat for these insects, and they aren’t going to move in for good. Lacking food and adequate humidity to survive, most Christmas tree insects die soon after moving indoors.
Before You Bring Your Christmas Tree Indoors, Check for Insects:

Harmless or not, you probably don’t want to spend the holiday season with bugs crawling around among the presents or flying into your windows trying to escape. There are a few easy things you can do to minimize the chance of Christmas tree insects wandering around your living room.
When choosing a tree, inspect it carefully. Look for signs of aphids or other small insects. Be sure to examine the undersides of branches. Look at the trunk too, – small holes with sawdust trails are a sign of bark beetles. Reject any tree that seems heavily infested with insect pests.
Before bringing the Christmas tree in the house, shake it vigorously to dislodge insects and spiders. Check each branch for egg cases, and prune out any you find. Remember, your warm home will feel like spring and induce eggs to hatch. Remove any bird nests, as these can contain mites. Happy Christmas tree hunting! christmas tree