Asbestos in the crawlspace

Asbestos in the crawl space

Something that National Exterminating has had to take notice of in keeping our technicians and inspectors protected. We are all painfully aware, either by TV advertisements , or an  acquaintance  or a loved one that has been effected by the disease associated with asbestos, mesothelioma.

Not only was asbestos used in the ship building industry as an insulation material, it was also used under our homes as pipe insulation. The product was very effective as insulation around piping but had the unintended consequence of leaving airborne particles that when breathed could cause the mesothelioma disease.

Over the years, National has conducted crawls space inspections and performed work around these asbestos wrapped pipes. Now that we truly understand the hazard the asbestos poses for our employees, we are informing customers that may have asbestos product under their homes. National also has to take the position for the safety and welfare of our employees that we can no longer work or inspect these crawl spaces until the asbestos has been remediated properly. Not only will this protect National employees, but also anyone that may need to do work in a crawl space that may have asbestos, plumbers, electricians, a member of your family.

Additionally, When you sell your home, asbestos in your crawl space will raise a red flag, where the home inspection will advise of the product on their report and the need for it to be remediated by a professional contractor.

National Exterminating has partnered with an Asbestos Remediation Specialist so we can refer our customers to someone competent, certified, and priced reasonably. All asbestos re-mediators are not created equal, the removal of asbestos needs to have a “paper trail” certifying that the asbestos has been removed correctly and disposed of correctly. A homeowner does not want to have just anyone go in their crawl space to remove this product unless they are certified. There are only two sites that will receive  asbestos material that is “non-friable”. Non-friable asbestos means that the asbestos is contained, intact, and does not pose the threat of asbestos particles being released into the air, i.e. asbestos siding, roofing, flooring. Friable asbestos is defined as anything that can be reduced to powder under hand pressure and is  primarily what we see in the crawl spaces, where the intended wrap containing the asbestos is old, falling apart, and exposing the asbestos core. Even if the asbestos pipe wrap appears to be in good shape, just touching , bumping it, or removing it makes it friable. There are no local facilities that will receive the friable asbestos. Friable asbestos has to be taken to a receiving site located in the Richmond, Virginia area.

Allowing just anyone to remove the asbestos and dispose of can cause a homeowner to be liable for where the product ended up, or if it posed a threat to the persons that removed it. Ignorance of the law will not protect you in this scenario. Be aware of the fantastic “deal” you may get to have a less qualified contractor attempt to remediate your crawl space. Make sure the contractor will stand behind their work should you be questioned on how the product was removed, disposed of, and if there were any asbestos remaining. Most of these questions may come up during the sale of your home, possibly years after you have had the asbestos removed. You as a homeowner want to still be able to get in contact with the company that removed the asbestos should they need to further document how your home was remediated for asbestos.

It is best to be able to show that asbestos in your home was removed and disposed of by a certified, qualified  contractor that has documentation on how the product was handled and disposed of.

National Exterminating can put you in touch with a contractor of choice that we have faith in to responsibly remove asbestos in your crawl space. We need to be able to work behind a reliable company so we can safely continue inspecting, treating, and protecting your home from termite activity.

Please call Scott Monds, General Manager at 757-435-8219 for questions or discussions on this topic.