CoVid-19 Update

At National Exterminating, we believe in the power of family, a concept upon which our company has been founded and modeled upon. With the novel coronavirus (CoVid-19) now declared a global pandemic, we cannot help but think of all those we know and care about and whom we have had the privilege to serve. This is why we wanted to contact you personally to share more about what we are doing.

First and foremost we care about everyone’s safety. Our inner office is sanitizing daily, practicing rigorous hand washing and self-quarantining if symptoms of illness should show. Our technicians have always been some of the original “handwashers”. Handling pesticide, rodenticides and virucides requires them to practice proper protection techniques at all times, including washing their hands between services.

We want our customers to understand that even though we are not doing their home’s interior, that doing the exterior service is crucial to controlling pests around the home. This reduces the risk of heavier infestation inside the home. Once things have settled down, we will do the interior service at no charge. Crawlspace inspections are equally important where we look for other concerns such as broken or leaking pipes, fungal growth, poor ventilation and potentially disease carrying rodent activity.

All of our notifications, invoicing and service reports are available to you by email. We send products used, pictures of concerns and detailed reports of activity under and around your home; all on our customer portal. If you have not set up this feature yet, please call or email us and we will assist you.

In conclusion, we would not be here without loyal customers like you… Thank you for your continued patronage. We pray for everyone’s health and safety during this crisis.


Randy and Carol Abbitt
Travis Abbitt and Jessica Godfrey
The National Family