Questions & answers to common household issues and concerns.

I found winged insects all over my floor. Are they termites?

You have a 50/50 chance that the insects are ants. Ants and termites have reproductive cycles that create swarmers. Call us, we will talk you through identifying them or can come to your home and perform a free inspection if needed.

How do i find out the cost for repairs and treatments?

Our skilled staff of senior inspectors will identify, evaluate and provide solutions and costs on the spot.

I've heard treatments and repairs are expensive and may be beyond what we can afford at one time. Is there any assistance available?

National’s pricing is among the most competitive in the market. Termite treatment pricing is in relation to ground floor square footage of your home. Understructure repairs can be costly if extensive damage exists; however, National has a “no interest” financing plans available. We can work with any budget.

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