Encapsulations & Dehumidifiers

  • Encapsulation that is INSPECTABLE, TREATABLE and WARRANTABLE
  • Moisture Control Programs
  • Dehumidifiers
  • Specializing in the Health, Comfort and Protection of your Home

National Exterminating’s Encapsulation system will improve air quality in your home and crawl space, control humidity and condensation while saving you money by providing a more energy efficient home. Our trained technicians can identify, treat and solve your moisture and fungus problems. National Exterminating’s Encapsulation systems are INSPECTABLE, TREATABLE and WARRANTABLE. Do not make the costly mistake in turning your home into a “Foam Sandwich” for termites.

Ann Dawson your Treatment & Repair Coordinator is available to schedule your inspection and answer all your questions.
757-599-3621 ext. 333


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