Costly Understructure Repairs Can Be Avoided……

Recently we had the pleasure of saving an existing customer thousands of dollars. Here’s what our customer had to say:

“We were experiencing a “squeaky floor” situation and called out a well-advertised company who specializes in foundation and structural repair. At their advisement, we spent $8000 to put in new foundation piers and girder support system to stop the “squeaky floors”. This did not solve the problem. This company also recommended our crawl space to be “encapsulated” and dehumidifiers installed due to moisture issues.

We called National Exterminating for a second opinion, who agreed that the crawl space had excess moisture and proposed another option. The inspector, Steve Edwards, walked me through the inspection with him and explained the moisture readings and need for moisture control. National’s system was half the price of the competitors. We asked for Steve to have a look at our “squeaky floor” problem that had not been resolved, and the inspector identified that the subfloor had not been properly installed during construction. There was no need for foundation work to be done.

National Exterminating was very professional and the installation was done in a timely manner. Steve personally followed up to verify that the system was installed and working properly. We saved thousands of dollars by using National Exterminating and they helped us make the best decisions to keep our home “healthy”.


Danny M. Braswell

Surry, VA