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This year, with the leadership of new comer Victoria Harlow, National decided to take extra steps in fighting Breast Cancer. The Mountains and Molehills team raised over $700 in addition to the $1500 in sponsor donations made by National Exterminating to The American Cancer Society and Making Strides Against Breast Cancer Peninsula. The office staff at National mounted a heart felt campaign with raffles, bake sales, pot luck lunch, an office door decorating contest, give a ways and lots of pink to bring breast cancer awareness to the forefront of everyone’s mind. So proud of the efforts of our staff and their families that came out to CNU and walked with us! Looking forward to an even bigger turn out next year!!!!

Dealing with a flooded crawl space?

FLOODED CRAWL SPACE from the storm? Call National Exterminating to pump water from your crawl space! We can also treat for fungus, remove insulation that may be wet or damaged. If you’re experiencing dank damp or musty odors left behind from the flooding; we can treat and neutralize these odors.… Read More»

Costly Understructure Repairs Can Be Avoided……

Recently we had the pleasure of saving an existing customer thousands of dollars. Here’s what our customer had to say: “We were experiencing a “squeaky floor” situation and called out a well-advertised company who specializes in foundation and structural repair. At their advisement, we spent $8000 to put in new… Read More»

National Exterminating Celebrates 40 Years of Excellent Service!

April 01 1975 to April 01 2015 Forty years ago, Randy and Carol Abbitt decided to start their own termite exterminating business. Randy took his knowledge and experience from other exterminating companies and put together a business plan with the help of his wife Carol. Working diligently to produce a… Read More»

Uh Oh! Trouble with the phones……

Please excuse our mess! We are experiencing some difficulty with our phones, as a result of having a new system installed. We anticipate having all the “bugs” worked out before 4/25/2015. If you are having difficulty getting through to us, please don’t hesitate to email us at one of the… Read More»

Autumn brings beautiful colors, fond memories and family gatherings…. but spiders are not part of the family. National can help you rid your home of spiders and other fall pest that are looking for a warm place to live. To redeem this coupon, call and say you saw our special… Read More»

Launch of our new website

Welcome to our new website. We’d like to take just a second to announce the new website and we hope very much that you like it! Don’t hesititate to contact us with thoughts or input @ bugmaster@nationalexterminating.com.